A New Year!

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A New Year!

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Talk About New Beginnings

Wow, so much has transpired over the last year, but going into 2017 has been an eye-opener to say the least!

2016 Recap

Though our season started here in the summer of 2015, much of what we began to see unfold really started taking place at the beginning of 2016.

Coming out of the previous 6 months of evaluation and relationship building, January put us on the trajectory of vision and purpose for this family of believers by establishing just that – FAMILY.
While the church was small and there was plenty of familiarity and deep rooted relationships, the sense of family was what was needed.

One thing that we had the opportunity to do was to transform our fellowship hall into a cafe style room with fresh coffee and pastries available after church. We quickly found that rather than people rushing out the back door, never to be seen again until next week or the mid-week bible study, we experienced real fellowship and community building.
This soon became the norm and began a new way of church for everyone.

Shortly after the cafe was built, we began to hold our Burning Embers meetings in there, and then monthly Worship Café nights. These brought visitors from around the county and has helped establish the church as a regional gathering place for believers from all over.

Another great development was the addition of Life Groups. We were the first to offer our home and leadership and launched our Life Group with a great turn out of old friends and new friends combined. Between our group and the others that also launched, this only strengthened the sense and desire for family throughout the church body.


As the church continued to grow in terms of passion and purpose, First SBC of Chula Vista took on a new persona and decided to start calling themselves The Light. This led to a whole new marketing campaign, branding and web presence. We also added large banners and signage around the church to inform the neighborhood that we’ve gone through a transformation and want to establish ourselves as a LIGHT in the community.

While we began this journey originally to lead a choir and help blend the traditional hymns with some contemporary music, we slowly morphed over the year to not only incorporate more of a contemporary feel, but to add a full band and worship team.
We are still singing a handful of hymns, but we have moved into a deeper, more authentic worship experience.
We also were approved to purchase and install a new digital sound system which has only enhanced our ability to engage everyone though the worship time.

New Ministry:
Late in 2016, we went through some personnel changes, which both brought on a new youth pastor but also presented a need for a new children’s director.
Katherine has chosen to devote her time to both leading and developing a brand new children’s ministry.

Unforeseen Blessing:
In November, we had chosen to take a break from the Life Group and Burning Embers meeting through the holidays, with the intention of relaunching at the first of the year. But one morning we were met with a huge flood from a broken water heater that basically destroyed our kitchen, cafe and adjoining room.
While this was a bit devastating, we soon realized that it would be a blessing in disguise as our insurance would help pay to restore everything! This allowed us to look at these rooms as basically a blank canvas. Since we knew we would would be getting new flooring, new kitchen cabinets and countertops, we soon recognized this as an opportunity to really create something special.

We are now in the midst of a full remodel and turning our kitchen and cafe into a virtual coffeehouse, complete with coffee bar and food prep area for events and gatherings. This will serve an even greater capacity for community building and event ministry opportunities. It has also begun the dreaming process for other parts of the church that will get a face lift and brand new purpose and use for the future.
Pray for us!
Needless to say, with all of these new developments comes new responsibilities and a need for continued vision and prayer covering.
Please join us in praying for the growth of this church in vision, passion and expansion.
Pray for strength and for continual renewed vision as we follow His lead in our lives.
Pray for continued provision as we dedicate our lives to serving Him, the regional church and the local church with no salary.

We are excited for the future and look forward to this next season!
Thank you so much for your friendship and support. We so love and appreciate you all.

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