What is “Be The Church?”

We are a local mission whose focus is on building up the body of Christ through the creation of sustainable community across denominational boarders. God has given us three separate but coinciding vehicles for ministry, including Worship, Inner Healing/Counseling and Benevolence.

Each area has a different personality and focus, but each result in the same fruit – COMMUNITY.


The worship community in San Diego has become very central to what God is doing in the area of unity and community and has become an area of favor and purpose for us. We desire to see a new generation of worshipers raised up within the local body that begins to change their culture through authentic, thoughtful and purposeful worship.

Our primary focus for the worship ministry has been partnering with ONE Worship Gatherings, coordinating 24hr worship gatherings all over San Diego and most currently, specifically East County. We are also in the process of helping plant Worship Rooms in local churches to help enhance the process of creating a worshiping community and hosting the Presence of God.

Further focus includes training and cultivating community through conferences and workshops with ONE SOUND San Diego.


Inner Healing & Counseling

We’ve had roughly 10+ years in the lay-pastoring ministry where we’ve led a small community through basic discipleship as well as one-on-one counseling through various issues, including marital, relational, financial, etc. But since 2013, we’ve been able to refocus on root issues such as fear, shame, habitual sin and more through the area of inner healing. We are now taking private healing/counseling appointments 2-3 nights per week when available.

Our desire to grow in this area would be mostly in our continued training and then training up others to do the same.



We are not in the benevolence ministry in the traditional sense, whereas people are given financial help. Our focus has been on the every day needs, such as food, clothing and household items, but in a non-traditional sense. We created The Storehouse as free online exchange between Christians all over San Diego County, to encourage the concept of community.



As we ventured through these various open doors of ministry, God has used each of these vehicles as avenues toward community. As our eyes are continually on Jesus, He continues to create places of healing, provision and restoration wherever we turn. This place of vulnerability and open-heartedness creates a landing place for love and unity and destroys division, which is rooted in fear.


We look forward to every new phase of growth and ministry and are fully committed to following His lead, so we welcome your prayers and support and appreciate every effort in partnering with us to see His great plans come to fruition!