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Season’s Greetings!

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“To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven”
Ecclesiastes 3:1 – KJV

Speaking of seasons, we’ve had an interesting pattern in our life and ministry… We have some very marked seasons and indicators when they begin to shift from one to the next, though we always wait them out and only keep moving forward. There has never been a season that has thrown us off track to a place of wandering. Wondering, yes, but not wandering. By His grace, we have always had enough sense to keep our ear to the ground and our eyes to Heaven, regardless of the weather.

But before we get too far into seasons, I’d like to give an update on where we are and where we are headed.

As most of you know, we were sent down to Chula Vista to help an older, traditional church become “relevant” by assisting in the music department. This was an unpaid job with exception to our housing. Our plan was to continue with our side business to take care of the rest of our needs. But within 2 months of moving, we both had a sense that we would be sowing into more than just the music and we were taken by surprise when all of our business equipment suddenly crashed. While some would say it was the devil or that we were outside the will of God, we actually just began to laugh and just say, “OK! How would You like to deal with this, Father?”

By faith we moved forward and suddenly saw that our needs were being met, left and right. In fact we were in an even better place provisionally than when we had an actual income! So we continued sowing and then reaping. Since then, much of what we’ve put our hand to has shown much fruit and has resulted in some pretty big changes in the church and culture.


Today, we are finalizing major renovations throughout the whole church facility and have added a fully functioning coffeehouse in place of the “fellowship hall.” This has served as both a place of gathering for the church as well as a venue for worship nights, ministry nights, concerts and more! We dove into it somewhat loosely as a ministry of the church with little to no budget, yet we found that even while doing many outreaches and giveaways, we showed a surplus in funds!

The Gathering Grounds has taken on a whole personality and workload of its own and has the potential to be an incredible place for community building and outreach. As of now, we are in charge of running it and maintaining it.

While it can seem like “just taking on another thing,” we feel pretty passionate about this being an integral part of the church. Therefore,  we are carefully prioritizing our time in order to build a lasting ministry for the future.



Our deepest desire has always been to draw people into deeper connection with Christ through encounters with His presence in worship, counseling, inner healing and deliverance and yet the most effective fruit is born out of relationship. All That we put our hands to is purposed to cultivate a culture where these things flourish. So as we prayerfully move forward, our eyes are always wide open for what God is doing next.


Going back to the subject of seasons, I want to share what our seasons have looked like and how that translates to now.

The first thing that we have noticed is that each season, while marked by a major shift in our life and ministry, it has also surprisingly been measured by a timeline as well.

  1. Our seasons seem to always shift at almost the exact same time of year.
    – We begin to feel something in the spirit and also start to receive indicators during that time that something is about to change. We never know or even try to presume what that change is, but it’s noticeable by both of us and confirmed by everything from circumstances to dreams and even conversations with individuals.
  2. Our seasons also seem to come every 3yrs.
    – That does not mean that we move completely out of where we are, into the next place, but it means that something significant changes.
    – Sometimes moves into a new ministry
    -Sometimes expands our current ministry
    -May include change of location (even if in the same city)
  3. Each season seems to be built upon the previous one.
    -As this should be the pattern for life, it many times will surprise us how one thing is connected to the other. Sometimes it takes half way through a season to recognize it.

What part of that timeline are we in today? We are half way through the 3rd year…

We have not been paying attention to the time at all until something begins to grab our attention. Maybe a new vision, a struggle, an open door or invitation. We see it, begin to pray and feel the weight of it and then look at the calendar. Lo and behold, it’s at that midway marker of the 3rd year.

So how does that translate into today?

As mentioned, we have newly added vision. That doesn’t necessarily identify what the season is at all. What it does do is cause us to pay closer attention. We move forward with plans and current ministries, digging that much deeper and praying that much more fervently and intentionally. But we don’t make any drastic changes or decisions based on it. We just keep moving forward and wait on God.

God always reveals His plans in due time! The last thing we want to do is the classic King Saul mistake of “conducting the sacrifice” on our own without Him and at the appointed time. We will joyfully and patiently wait on Him as we minister according to plan.


As mentioned, at this time we are looking to put a lot of time and attention into this cafe ministry and walk it out as missionaries until the right time. So we are asking that you help this ministry by helping us directly.

We want to give our time to this ministry without demanding a paycheck. We want to sow and build for future growth and the next generation. We want to be sure not to take away from our ability to sow into the other areas that are still of top priority where we are.

So we need your help!

While the obvious need would be financial, we want to give our partners an opportunity to sow directly into our actual needs. So I want to list those needs here so that you can either directly supply that need or give toward it.

  1. Food – roughly $500-600 per month.
  2. Gas – $400 per month.
  3. Vehicle Insurance – $60 per month
  4. Utilities – $350 per month

These are estimations as they fluctuate all the time, but again every little bit counts!

For financial support, please click here: 

or Write checks to The Light CV and address the envelope to:
The Light Church c/o Be The Church
335 Church Ave
Chula Vista, CA 91910

For all other gifts, send directly to:
345 Church Ave
Chula Vista, CA 91910

Thanks again so much for your support and partnering with us in this venture. If you have any questions or want to know more about what we are up to, feel free to contact us at



We do have some other areas that we are praying into presently about things that many people have spoken over us over the years and even very recently. I cannot fully go into it, but we want to be dilligent to the voice of God and the call on our lives by being vigilant and making our “yes” be loud and clear.

Please do pray with us as we investigate more deeply into what exactly He is saying about this. We really do need your covering for this.

THANKS AGAIN to all of you who’ve been prayerfully sowing into us in so many ways. You have all been so instrumental in our journey.

We love you all so dearly! Blessings.

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A New Year!

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Talk About New Beginnings

Wow, so much has transpired over the last year, but going into 2017 has been an eye-opener to say the least!

2016 Recap

Though our season started here in the summer of 2015, much of what we began to see unfold really started taking place at the beginning of 2016.

Coming out of the previous 6 months of evaluation and relationship building, January put us on the trajectory of vision and purpose for this family of believers by establishing just that – FAMILY.
While the church was small and there was plenty of familiarity and deep rooted relationships, the sense of family was what was needed.

One thing that we had the opportunity to do was to transform our fellowship hall into a cafe style room with fresh coffee and pastries available after church. We quickly found that rather than people rushing out the back door, never to be seen again until next week or the mid-week bible study, we experienced real fellowship and community building.
This soon became the norm and began a new way of church for everyone.

Shortly after the cafe was built, we began to hold our Burning Embers meetings in there, and then monthly Worship Café nights. These brought visitors from around the county and has helped establish the church as a regional gathering place for believers from all over.

Another great development was the addition of Life Groups. We were the first to offer our home and leadership and launched our Life Group with a great turn out of old friends and new friends combined. Between our group and the others that also launched, this only strengthened the sense and desire for family throughout the church body.


As the church continued to grow in terms of passion and purpose, First SBC of Chula Vista took on a new persona and decided to start calling themselves The Light. This led to a whole new marketing campaign, branding and web presence. We also added large banners and signage around the church to inform the neighborhood that we’ve gone through a transformation and want to establish ourselves as a LIGHT in the community.

While we began this journey originally to lead a choir and help blend the traditional hymns with some contemporary music, we slowly morphed over the year to not only incorporate more of a contemporary feel, but to add a full band and worship team.
We are still singing a handful of hymns, but we have moved into a deeper, more authentic worship experience.
We also were approved to purchase and install a new digital sound system which has only enhanced our ability to engage everyone though the worship time.

New Ministry:
Late in 2016, we went through some personnel changes, which both brought on a new youth pastor but also presented a need for a new children’s director.
Katherine has chosen to devote her time to both leading and developing a brand new children’s ministry.

Unforeseen Blessing:
In November, we had chosen to take a break from the Life Group and Burning Embers meeting through the holidays, with the intention of relaunching at the first of the year. But one morning we were met with a huge flood from a broken water heater that basically destroyed our kitchen, cafe and adjoining room.
While this was a bit devastating, we soon realized that it would be a blessing in disguise as our insurance would help pay to restore everything! This allowed us to look at these rooms as basically a blank canvas. Since we knew we would would be getting new flooring, new kitchen cabinets and countertops, we soon recognized this as an opportunity to really create something special.

We are now in the midst of a full remodel and turning our kitchen and cafe into a virtual coffeehouse, complete with coffee bar and food prep area for events and gatherings. This will serve an even greater capacity for community building and event ministry opportunities. It has also begun the dreaming process for other parts of the church that will get a face lift and brand new purpose and use for the future.
Pray for us!
Needless to say, with all of these new developments comes new responsibilities and a need for continued vision and prayer covering.
Please join us in praying for the growth of this church in vision, passion and expansion.
Pray for strength and for continual renewed vision as we follow His lead in our lives.
Pray for continued provision as we dedicate our lives to serving Him, the regional church and the local church with no salary.

We are excited for the future and look forward to this next season!
Thank you so much for your friendship and support. We so love and appreciate you all.

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Revival Pt1

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Modern Day Revival – Part 1

What is revival? Revival is the reawakening of something dead or asleep. It is not the awakening of something that was never alive or awake, but it is the RE-viving of something that once was.
Much of the church that is crying out for revival may be unaware that there has been an awakening happening around them for some time.

What many are crying out for is what they know of historical accounts of revivals or even experiences of great moves of the Spirit. We all would love to see the power of God take over a city or nation and just suddenly rid us of an evil culture, but the reality is that it’s always been OUR job to make that happen.

Even back on the day of Pentecost, when He fell on the disciples, the “revival” that happened afterward was while they WENT OUT and preached the gospel.

I think sometimes we want “a powerful revival” to visit us so that people will just show up on our doorstep and we don’t really have to do anything.

What if revival simply just looks like those who were once spiritually dead inside suddenly coming alive again?
What if revival looks like Christians all over the city or nation beginning to love their neighbor and having an effect on their circle of influence?
What if revival looks like people getting healed by a simple prayer, but no one makes a big deal about it or wants credit for it?
What if revival is the body of Christ beginning to take responsibility for the spiritual climate of their community by becoming part of the community?
What if revival is actually happening right now?

Here’s what I believe I’m observing: (& I could be wrong… it’s happened like once before)

I believe God has been “adding numbers daily to the church,” but many of them are already in church…
I believe that much of what God is doing today is going unnoticed because we are not seeing fire fall from heaven, consuming our enemies.
I believe that what we are seeing are Christians coming alive, one by one, who are beginning to live out their lives with purpose and spreading the love of Christ organically, without a program and without posting it on Facebook (although there’s plenty of that too.)

What I believe we need to see for lasting revival to spread is this:

Take notice at what God IS doing, not what the devil is doing. (The devil is not doing anything new)
Take responsibility for you and continue to love others.
Take a look at one another and encourage each other into love and good works.
Take the time to create real relationships with other Christians outside your own circle and encourage what God is doing in them.

The truth is that we are in the midst of revival right now, but we are disconnected.
Part of that may mean that we don’t believe that God is moving in the midst of those we don’t agree with, but the reality is that He has been.
I believe that God wants to pour out His Spirit on all mankind, but the world will mock what is not unified. They will not receive a gospel that is neither good news nor cohesive.

Jesus made it very clear at the “last supper” when He washed His disciples feet that they were to become the servants of one another, not merely bear with one another’s existence.
He told them, “By this all men will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.”
We can cry out for revival, we can become awakened and we can preach the gospel, but if we do not have love, it profits us nothing, we amounting to nothing… we are just noise.

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Updates – April 2016

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Hey friends!

So just throwing out a little bit of updated info about some of our recent activities.


Firstly, the Burning Embers Gatherings are under way and we have had some incredible meetings! We are meeting every Sun night in the main auditorium for worship and a special guest, but not before gathering in our new Gathering Grounds Cafe for coffee and community time.


It’s been great connecting with people from around the county down here and spending some quality time in God’s presence together.


Secondly, we’ve had the privilege of opening our home for a brand new Life Group!

Tree of Life

This group has a mixture of friends coming from East County, along with members of First SBC. A great mix of ages and backgrounds makes for a fun, well rounded environment. So far it’s been exciting to see God meet with everyone and watch the encouragement begin to really flow.



Lastly, as mentioned in my last post, we have shut down our business and are going full-time as ministers (between part time staff pastoring and part-time regional ministry) and so we are now taking donations two different ways.

Though getting checks written directly to us can now be accepted, it is actually best to either use our donation button

Or you can send donations to First SBC Chula Vista 345 Church Ave Chula Vista, CA 91910. Checks can be written out to First SBC with a note designating it to BTC (not in the memo).


Again we’re so thankful  for your continued friendship and partnership through it all!

Please continue to pray for clarity, discernment, resources and finances as we continue to take on more assignments all on faith. Bless you all!



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Hey there friends and family! We just wanted to give a big shout out to our partners in ministry who have come alongside and supported us in prayer and encouragement as well as financially. We are so honored and blessed by your friendship and your partnership in running after what we believe God has called us to do.

You all have been an incredible source of strength and continually renewed vision through your own steadfast sacrifices on our behalf.

This past year has been packed FULL of movement, change, vision, activity, restructure and lots of walking in faith.

God has absolutely met us every step of the way, and it has been so exciting to be a part of what He is doing in our new community here in Chula Vista and throughout the county.

To wrap up last year, one of our highlights was partnering with ONE Collective to throw a regional worship and community Potluck for New Year’s Eve in 3 different locations around the county. What an amazing time of cultivating community while pouring out worship on behalf of our cities over an 8hr period!

We have already begun planning a new season of Burning Embers gatherings, beginning with a night of ministry with Ken Fish and many nights of worship and more.

We are also putting together our schedule for ONE Worship Gatherings around Siuth County and Esst County, along with holding smaller gatherings in conjunction with ONE Collective Worship Acadamy.

There are more things on the horizon as we continue to get settled in and find our footing, but we are not without plenty of ministry to keep us moving forward!

So thank you again for all of your love and support!

And when it comes to those of you do support us financially, or would like to,  one quick note. Because we are officially shutting down the business and will be opening new bank accounts personally and hopefully for the ministry, we would appreciate, if you’re able, to give through our donation page. This will allow us in the mean time to keep track of gifts and also not have to worry about cashing checks through this transition.

Bless you all!!! We love you so much!

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Into 2016

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Here we are wrapping up the end of the calendar year and entering the second half of our year so far, here in Chula Vista.

God has been working deep in our hearts and speaking to us about our assignment here at the church and in this region and we are excited to enter 2016 with WORSHIP!

In collaboration with ONE Collective San Diego, we will be hosting a New Year’s Eve Worship-Ministry-Potuck party at First Southern Baptist, along with two other locations in East County and North County and starting off the year with a purposeful time of worship as a community as a type of Davidic Tabernacle.

As we press into the Lord with our worship, we will be cultivating community with others in our area along many who will be coming from other parts of the county. This time of “corporate intimacy,” as we’ve seen in many other gatherings, will open up doors for unity as our vulnerable hearts are knitted together with His.

We are looking forward to what God unveils in 2016 and how our assignment aligns with His purposes for FSBC and the city of Chula Vista!

We are so thankful for the prayers and support many of you have blessed us with! We have seen an incredible difference these last few months and couldn’t be more grateful for you. Please continue to pray for us as we know that with much favor also comes much opposition. We truly need your continued covering as we move forward.

As always, if you feel led to join in partnering with us financially, please use the donation link below.

Thank you and God BLESS you and your family this year!

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In Full Pursuit

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As we mentioned in our last note, we’ve settled in to our South County assignment and are sowing in different areas of the church down here while we continue to minister in other parts of the county, including much in East County, where we’ve been planted for our whole married lives. We’ve been balancing and juggling ministries at 2 churches, ministering in various other areas around San Diego County and running our small business as a means of support, along with the support of many of you.


Well, some new and exciting developments have already taken place!  While praying for vision and wisdom over our busy lives, we felt the Holy Spirit prod us to start narrowing our focus a bit more by letting go of some things in order to take hold of what He is doing through us in this season. Through a series of events, He confirmed to us that it was time to be fully launched from our home church at Foothills and engage in a full-time mission in our new city.

We met with our pastors and asked for their blessing to be released from our ministries at Foothills and take on our assignment at First Southern Baptist and the surrounding region as missionaries being sent out. With great honor, our pastors agreed, blessed us, layer hands on us and released us to pursue our call to the South.


With this new development and some unrelated issues, we have temporarily closed down the El Cajon Worship Room. Foothills may very well pick it back up after a few weeks, pending review and the availability of space. Until then, we will be praying about the next venue or venues, as we do have a few choices.

One of the venues that we are going to use is the new cafe area that First Southern is in the process or creating in their existing Fellowship Hall. This will give a new and different feel for the Worship Room, as it will be more of a “Worship Cafe” and will have some slight changes to the format. We’re very excited though as we believe it has potential to be a great gathering place for worshipers.


Speaking of gatherings, as we mentioned before, we will soon be opening our home for an SBC Life Group, aimed at young families and hope to launch that before the end of the year. But we also just hosted our first worship gathering at the house and had an amazing time in the presence of God. It was clear that we were sowing seeds for something greater and we are very excited.

So along with our FSBC Life Group, we will begin to hold various regional gatherings for worship, ministry and encouragement to the body at large right out of our home and at nearby venues. These will serve as continued seed-sowing into our city as well as the gathering together of friends and ministries from around the county. We will invite some of our friends, locally and from abroad, to come and minister to us and encourage us in the Lord as we continue to seek His will for our communities. This will be an exciting time!


We did have a South County Rummage Sale to test the ground and see whether that will continue to be a part of where our time is invested, but it was a very small turn out. Now, this is no different than how we began in East County, which grew tremendously each month, but having had a great history with seeing people come out from other parts of the county, this was still pretty small. We’re continuing to pray whether we need to concentrate more on the administration of the online portion for this part of the season and let the Rummage Sales go or not, but The Storehouse will continue be an important part of building community.


One of the last things in transition seems to be our business. We’ve had great favor with clients, yet we’ve had a difficult time with our equipment breaking down and or becoming outdated and inefficient. This transition, as we believe the Lord has been speaking to us, will at some point come to a close in order to work full-time in the ministry. At the moment, we have moved from roughly 50/50 to about 65/35 but cannot move forward until that last 35% becomes available through financial partners.

While we are more than happy to continue to run our business for that percent of our income, we are not sure how much longer that will be possible with our equipment. We don’t feel it would be wise to try and get a loan or backers for such small percentage of our income, especially as it would require us to work even more to pay back loans and still pay our expenses.So in the mean time, we’re lumping our business in with our ministry. We will be approaching current and future clients as a ministry opportunity and ask them to give as they feel led. One of our clients has already done so and is becoming a blessing to us.


We are definitely moving forward in full pursuit of our calling and will be watching for His leading in all of this, but we would greatly appreciate your prayers as well.

Prayer Requests:

  • Please pray for wisdom and discernment for all of these areas
  • Pray for community to be built at FSBC and for God to move mightily in this church
  • Pray for continued vision for our part in ministering to the South County and the whole San Diego region
  • Pray for financial provision either through the business or more partners
  • Please pray and consider becoming a financial partner in our mission.

Thank you all so much for your love and support! We could not do what we’ve been doing without you.

-Blessings on you all!

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Settling In

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IMG_5539IMG_5934As those of you who are following us know, we’ve landed here in Chula Vista, CA at the First Southern Baptist Church, while I’m on unpaid staff as the Music Director. They graciously offered us to live in the parsonage as a form of pay as well as paid for renovations! Wow, what a blessing!

This is actually the largest and now nicest home I think we’ve lived in as a family! Even coming from a smaller house, living on the road for 6wks out of suitcases and having tremendously downsized, we still find that it can be pretty painstaking to unpack in any decent amount of time. Well, we’re finally getting somewhat unpacked and settled in just in time for Katherine to start setting up the kids’ homeschooling section of the home, let alone prepare for the school year!

School Days

Our children are getting acclimated to the new environment and making some new friends as they get involved with some of the activities here. The two oldest are taking free guitar and martial arts lessons, while Jamin, our 4 yrd old, joins them at the kids club afterward every Wednesday night.

Sermon grab


In terms of the ministry I was hired for, we’ve so far successfully helped integrate some contemporary worship into the traditional service at the church, but the challenge for me is as Choir Director as we continue to do more traditional hymns and older choir-based music. When I say “challenge,” I mean an area of growth for me. As a worship leader of nearly 25yrs, I do bring a lot of experience and passion to contemporary music, but I have much to learn when it comes to sight reading, directing (as in hand-waving, etc) and even choosing music. I do although believe we’ve come upon a wonderful marriage of the two styles. We’ve been able to approach hymns from a fresh, authentic perspective and create an environment of heart-felt, Spirit-led worship all around. It has been refreshing and even fun at times as I see people respond in a way that they normally wouldn’t in a church service. That itself is very very rewarding!


In the very near future, we will be opening up our home for a Life Group where we’ll have the opportunity to help build community with young families, sewing into the growth of the church and the growth of young adults, marrieds, single parents and more. As Katherine and I sit and discuss what our hopes are for this group, vision grows, passion stirs and hope arises! We continue to sense that God is doing something very unique with this church, with us and even this community. We are very excited to see what all comes of this season!


Most of you also know that we’ve successfully launched The Worship Room in El Cajon at Foothills Church where people can come and just soak in God’s presence. While numbers are not the goal, so far it has had great turn outs along with very positive responses from visitors. We are very hopeful that this concept will grow and become a resource for people to experience God in an even deeper fashion through worship.

We’ve also heard of multiple churches beginning to do something very similar throughout the county! So exciting to see what He’s doing all around us!


We’ve had the opportunity to serve down here at 2 festivals and there are just so many more opportunities continuing to pop up. Please do pray for us that we continue the course He’s set before us as we sew into revival in San Diego!

Also, as we sew into this ministry as unpaid staff, we do need to continue working on the side with our current video business, but we’ve suddenly gone through a major breakdown in our ability to keep things running efficiently as we lost one computer and are forced to do all of the work from a single outdated laptop. Any time we’ve had “down time” from work, there is plenty opportunity for ministry to happen and we jump at the chance! But in order to sustain our normal monthly bills (food, phone, internet, fuel, insurance, etc) we NEED the business to survive, even if part time.

The nature of our business allows us to work 2-3 days a week and still provide for the needs we have along with sustain the ministries that we’re sewing into, but losing out on those 2-3 days for any amount of time can cause some issues. GOD IS GOOD and comes through every time, but unless He changes our plans to work part time and minister part time by providing some other means of necessary income, we need our business to stay afloat. Please add into your prayers that our needs for new equipment and/or financial provision be met.


Thank you all again so much for your continued partnership and prayer covering! We look forward to giving you another great report on what God is doing in the near future!

Blessings 🙂


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Moving In – Moving Ahead

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The Process

On Sunday, July 12, 2015 we were officially commissioned by First Southern Baptist Church of Chula Vista to come on board as Music Minister. This is an unpaid position, but they have graciously given us the church parsonage to live in while on staff.

The house was in dire need of renovations and the church agreed to put aside a budget to bring it up to a livable state.



The Renovation

On July 18th, after the Men’s Breakfast, the church sent 12 volunteers to come and start prepping and painting the house, inside and out!



A Well Deserved Rest

After a 2 days of non-stop painting and prepping for new floors and juggling the kids between homes, the kids and I were ready for a break 😉 (Of course, Katherine never stops… She didn’t sleep until the wee hours of the night, if that!) There is still a bit more to do with paint and then the floors go in this week and then we officially move in!





We are so absolutely blessed and grateful for this community! While we were sent here to help bring in and build community with  young families, we are overwhelmed with the love and support of this small church community that has welcomed us with arms wide open! Along with the volunteers, we’ve had groceries donated, other decorative items donated and just an amazing sense of family here!

Along with our new family, we are just as grateful and amazed at the love and support of our current community. From friends and family that allowed our family of 6 to stay in their homes to prayers, financial donations, donations from contractors, housewarming gifts and more, we couldn’t be more prepared for this new venture.

To all we say THANK YOU! We love you so much.

Time To Get To Work!



Now that we’ve had a moment to rest, we’ll still be juggling children around until the final move in and working from the new office.

Until next time, blessings on you and your families as we continue to move ahead.

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New Beginnings

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FSBCVUnexpected but welcomed adventures!

Our lives have been turned upside down to say the least… Not only were we met with surprise moving orders (not a total surprise. God had shown us that the season was about to change) but we had no idea where we were to go. But we knew that just as God was faithful to Abraham in both his move and providing a sacrifice in place of Isaac, He would be faithful in both showing us where to go as well as provide a new home.

Well, He did! Some have been praying as we had an interesting offer handed to us to take on the role of Worship Pastor at a church that had never had contemporary worship as part of their services before.

This would be an interesting venture because it would mean both helping a church transition from a traditional service to a modern/contemporary one while not losing one member in the process and also moving to a completely different part of the county… Something neither of us had ever done.


Along with this move to taking on a new role and direction for part of our lives, we were offered provision for our housing! After renovation, we will be moving into the church’s 3br parsonage next door. This is a huge blessing and exciting that we get to be right in the heart of what God will be doing with us. We will be living on the property as well as set up a new Storehouse location for the Chula Vista area.


As we began to pray and ask the Father to share His heart for this church, vision began to grow and so did favor.

God has given us both continually growing vision for creating community as well as open doors to implement some of the vision for new ministry.


Our biggest challenge at this point is that while the parsonage is renovated, we are staying in Boulevard, which is about an hour further East, and are commuting back and forth. This is depleting much of our financial resources as well as our time as we continue to do ministry and work in El Cajon, North County and now South County.

We covet your prayers!

1. Please pray for God’s will to be done through our lives in this season and also for provision as we continue to commute for a couple more weeks.
2. Pray for the church to openly receive the change and transition with us as we move forward.
3. Pray for continued favor and the cultivation of community within and around the church.

Thanks so much for your continued support!

If you so feel led to support us financially, please use the donate button below.

You can also become one of our prayer partners by filling out the form below.

Thank you! May the blessings continue to flow through your home.