Here We Gooooo!

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Here We Gooooo!

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Here’s to new beginnings! As we embark on a new journey, going all in, we’re both excited and super nervous. I think we finally get how people are feeling when they go out on their own and then have to raise support and prayer covering. Typically any time I’ve read “We hope you’ll prayerfully consider supporting us financially, but we really do covet your prayers…” I just ignored that second part, assuming they didn’t really mean it. Wow.. I think they really mean it! You cannot jump out into something like this and NOT have prayer covering! I would almost rather ONLY ask for prayer and then watch our provision rain down miraculously, knowing that people really are interceding for us. It’s a bit nerve racking, knowing that as soon as you just pushed all your chips to the center of the table, that this might’ve all been a bluff…

So with that said, please look over our ministries and vision and consider whether you’re able to give or not, but regardless… WE REALLY NEED PRAYER!

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