In Full Pursuit

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In Full Pursuit

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As we mentioned in our last note, we’ve settled in to our South County assignment and are sowing in different areas of the church down here while we continue to minister in other parts of the county, including much in East County, where we’ve been planted for our whole married lives. We’ve been balancing and juggling ministries at 2 churches, ministering in various other areas around San Diego County and running our small business as a means of support, along with the support of many of you.


Well, some new and exciting developments have already taken place!  While praying for vision and wisdom over our busy lives, we felt the Holy Spirit prod us to start narrowing our focus a bit more by letting go of some things in order to take hold of what He is doing through us in this season. Through a series of events, He confirmed to us that it was time to be fully launched from our home church at Foothills and engage in a full-time mission in our new city.

We met with our pastors and asked for their blessing to be released from our ministries at Foothills and take on our assignment at First Southern Baptist and the surrounding region as missionaries being sent out. With great honor, our pastors agreed, blessed us, layer hands on us and released us to pursue our call to the South.


With this new development and some unrelated issues, we have temporarily closed down the El Cajon Worship Room. Foothills may very well pick it back up after a few weeks, pending review and the availability of space. Until then, we will be praying about the next venue or venues, as we do have a few choices.

One of the venues that we are going to use is the new cafe area that First Southern is in the process or creating in their existing Fellowship Hall. This will give a new and different feel for the Worship Room, as it will be more of a “Worship Cafe” and will have some slight changes to the format. We’re very excited though as we believe it has potential to be a great gathering place for worshipers.


Speaking of gatherings, as we mentioned before, we will soon be opening our home for an SBC Life Group, aimed at young families and hope to launch that before the end of the year. But we also just hosted our first worship gathering at the house and had an amazing time in the presence of God. It was clear that we were sowing seeds for something greater and we are very excited.

So along with our FSBC Life Group, we will begin to hold various regional gatherings for worship, ministry and encouragement to the body at large right out of our home and at nearby venues. These will serve as continued seed-sowing into our city as well as the gathering together of friends and ministries from around the county. We will invite some of our friends, locally and from abroad, to come and minister to us and encourage us in the Lord as we continue to seek His will for our communities. This will be an exciting time!


We did have a South County Rummage Sale to test the ground and see whether that will continue to be a part of where our time is invested, but it was a very small turn out. Now, this is no different than how we began in East County, which grew tremendously each month, but having had a great history with seeing people come out from other parts of the county, this was still pretty small. We’re continuing to pray whether we need to concentrate more on the administration of the online portion for this part of the season and let the Rummage Sales go or not, but The Storehouse will continue be an important part of building community.


One of the last things in transition seems to be our business. We’ve had great favor with clients, yet we’ve had a difficult time with our equipment breaking down and or becoming outdated and inefficient. This transition, as we believe the Lord has been speaking to us, will at some point come to a close in order to work full-time in the ministry. At the moment, we have moved from roughly 50/50 to about 65/35 but cannot move forward until that last 35% becomes available through financial partners.

While we are more than happy to continue to run our business for that percent of our income, we are not sure how much longer that will be possible with our equipment. We don’t feel it would be wise to try and get a loan or backers for such small percentage of our income, especially as it would require us to work even more to pay back loans and still pay our expenses.So in the mean time, we’re lumping our business in with our ministry. We will be approaching current and future clients as a ministry opportunity and ask them to give as they feel led. One of our clients has already done so and is becoming a blessing to us.


We are definitely moving forward in full pursuit of our calling and will be watching for His leading in all of this, but we would greatly appreciate your prayers as well.

Prayer Requests:

  • Please pray for wisdom and discernment for all of these areas
  • Pray for community to be built at FSBC and for God to move mightily in this church
  • Pray for continued vision for our part in ministering to the South County and the whole San Diego region
  • Pray for financial provision either through the business or more partners
  • Please pray and consider becoming a financial partner in our mission.

Thank you all so much for your love and support! We could not do what we’ve been doing without you.

-Blessings on you all!

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