The Storehouse

The Storehouse is a web-based Christian ministry created to provide for the needs of one another through the giving and receiving of various items, such as clothing, household items, furniture and more.

Our vision for The Storehouse was birthed out of conversations about shared needs within a community that we realized could very likely be met within that community. As we ventured into creating a closed Facebook group, inviting friends from our local church, we saw not only people getting their practical needs met, but something even greater – A real sense of community.

Soon after, friends were inviting friends and family members until it shot up to well over 1,000 members. Within just 11 months, it would reach well over 2,000 members and continue to grow.

Changed Lives

With such a large group of various personalities and needs ever-growing, we soon recognized the need to both closely administrate the page as well as pastor individuals through strongholds related to understanding God’s love and provision. We have received multiple public and private testimonies regarding what The Storehouse has meant to them and how it has literally changed their lives!

Physical Locations

Our vision for The Storehouse is constantly expanding into new territory while yet keeping the main focus of community at the center.

Future plans involve acquiring a physical location for pick up and drop off of items, but also to receive donations. Ultimately we would love to see these physical Storehouses around San Diego, centered in each major community.

Not for the General Public… yet

At this time, The Storehouse is meant to meet the needs of the Church of San Diego, not the general public. We feel that this is an integral part of the building up and equipping of the body of Christ to further the spread of the Gospel. We desire to partner with other missions and outreach organizations to help meet the needs of those they minister to as well and will also give to individuals in the community on case-by-case basis.


One of the things we are already in the process of doing is creating an online trade system outside of Facebook, while still incorporating the community aspect of the ministry. The goal is to continue to look and feel like a Facebook forum, but have much more administrative control as well as automated functions to streamline much of the regular activity.

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