New Beginnings

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New Beginnings

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FSBCVUnexpected but welcomed adventures!

Our lives have been turned upside down to say the least… Not only were we met with surprise moving orders (not a total surprise. God had shown us that the season was about to change) but we had no idea where we were to go. But we knew that just as God was faithful to Abraham in both his move and providing a sacrifice in place of Isaac, He would be faithful in both showing us where to go as well as provide a new home.

Well, He did! Some have been praying as we had an interesting offer handed to us to take on the role of Worship Pastor at a church that had never had contemporary worship as part of their services before.

This would be an interesting venture because it would mean both helping a church transition from a traditional service to a modern/contemporary one while not losing one member in the process and also moving to a completely different part of the county… Something neither of us had ever done.


Along with this move to taking on a new role and direction for part of our lives, we were offered provision for our housing! After renovation, we will be moving into the church’s 3br parsonage next door. This is a huge blessing and exciting that we get to be right in the heart of what God will be doing with us. We will be living on the property as well as set up a new Storehouse location for the Chula Vista area.


As we began to pray and ask the Father to share His heart for this church, vision began to grow and so did favor.

God has given us both continually growing vision for creating community as well as open doors to implement some of the vision for new ministry.


Our biggest challenge at this point is that while the parsonage is renovated, we are staying in Boulevard, which is about an hour further East, and are commuting back and forth. This is depleting much of our financial resources as well as our time as we continue to do ministry and work in El Cajon, North County and now South County.

We covet your prayers!

1. Please pray for God’s will to be done through our lives in this season and also for provision as we continue to commute for a couple more weeks.
2. Pray for the church to openly receive the change and transition with us as we move forward.
3. Pray for continued favor and the cultivation of community within and around the church.

Thanks so much for your continued support!

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Thank you! May the blessings continue to flow through your home.