Revival Pt1

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Revival Pt1

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Modern Day Revival – Part 1

What is revival? Revival is the reawakening of something dead or asleep. It is not the awakening of something that was never alive or awake, but it is the RE-viving of something that once was.
Much of the church that is crying out for revival may be unaware that there has been an awakening happening around them for some time.

What many are crying out for is what they know of historical accounts of revivals or even experiences of great moves of the Spirit. We all would love to see the power of God take over a city or nation and just suddenly rid us of an evil culture, but the reality is that it’s always been OUR job to make that happen.

Even back on the day of Pentecost, when He fell on the disciples, the “revival” that happened afterward was while they WENT OUT and preached the gospel.

I think sometimes we want “a powerful revival” to visit us so that people will just show up on our doorstep and we don’t really have to do anything.

What if revival simply just looks like those who were once spiritually dead inside suddenly coming alive again?
What if revival looks like Christians all over the city or nation beginning to love their neighbor and having an effect on their circle of influence?
What if revival looks like people getting healed by a simple prayer, but no one makes a big deal about it or wants credit for it?
What if revival is the body of Christ beginning to take responsibility for the spiritual climate of their community by becoming part of the community?
What if revival is actually happening right now?

Here’s what I believe I’m observing: (& I could be wrong… it’s happened like once before)

I believe God has been “adding numbers daily to the church,” but many of them are already in church…
I believe that much of what God is doing today is going unnoticed because we are not seeing fire fall from heaven, consuming our enemies.
I believe that what we are seeing are Christians coming alive, one by one, who are beginning to live out their lives with purpose and spreading the love of Christ organically, without a program and without posting it on Facebook (although there’s plenty of that too.)

What I believe we need to see for lasting revival to spread is this:

Take notice at what God IS doing, not what the devil is doing. (The devil is not doing anything new)
Take responsibility for you and continue to love others.
Take a look at one another and encourage each other into love and good works.
Take the time to create real relationships with other Christians outside your own circle and encourage what God is doing in them.

The truth is that we are in the midst of revival right now, but we are disconnected.
Part of that may mean that we don’t believe that God is moving in the midst of those we don’t agree with, but the reality is that He has been.
I believe that God wants to pour out His Spirit on all mankind, but the world will mock what is not unified. They will not receive a gospel that is neither good news nor cohesive.

Jesus made it very clear at the “last supper” when He washed His disciples feet that they were to become the servants of one another, not merely bear with one another’s existence.
He told them, “By this all men will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.”
We can cry out for revival, we can become awakened and we can preach the gospel, but if we do not have love, it profits us nothing, we amounting to nothing… we are just noise.

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