Season’s Greetings!

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Season’s Greetings!

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“To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven”
Ecclesiastes 3:1 – KJV

Speaking of seasons, we’ve had an interesting pattern in our life and ministry… We have some very marked seasons and indicators when they begin to shift from one to the next, though we always wait them out and only keep moving forward. There has never been a season that has thrown us off track to a place of wandering. Wondering, yes, but not wandering. By His grace, we have always had enough sense to keep our ear to the ground and our eyes to Heaven, regardless of the weather.

But before we get too far into seasons, I’d like to give an update on where we are and where we are headed.

As most of you know, we were sent down to Chula Vista to help an older, traditional church become “relevant” by assisting in the music department. This was an unpaid job with exception to our housing. Our plan was to continue with our side business to take care of the rest of our needs. But within 2 months of moving, we both had a sense that we would be sowing into more than just the music and we were taken by surprise when all of our business equipment suddenly crashed. While some would say it was the devil or that we were outside the will of God, we actually just began to laugh and just say, “OK! How would You like to deal with this, Father?”

By faith we moved forward and suddenly saw that our needs were being met, left and right. In fact we were in an even better place provisionally than when we had an actual income! So we continued sowing and then reaping. Since then, much of what we’ve put our hand to has shown much fruit and has resulted in some pretty big changes in the church and culture.


Today, we are finalizing major renovations throughout the whole church facility and have added a fully functioning coffeehouse in place of the “fellowship hall.” This has served as both a place of gathering for the church as well as a venue for worship nights, ministry nights, concerts and more! We dove into it somewhat loosely as a ministry of the church with little to no budget, yet we found that even while doing many outreaches and giveaways, we showed a surplus in funds!

The Gathering Grounds has taken on a whole personality and workload of its own and has the potential to be an incredible place for community building and outreach. As of now, we are in charge of running it and maintaining it.

While it can seem like “just taking on another thing,” we feel pretty passionate about this being an integral part of the church. Therefore,  we are carefully prioritizing our time in order to build a lasting ministry for the future.



Our deepest desire has always been to draw people into deeper connection with Christ through encounters with His presence in worship, counseling, inner healing and deliverance and yet the most effective fruit is born out of relationship. All That we put our hands to is purposed to cultivate a culture where these things flourish. So as we prayerfully move forward, our eyes are always wide open for what God is doing next.


Going back to the subject of seasons, I want to share what our seasons have looked like and how that translates to now.

The first thing that we have noticed is that each season, while marked by a major shift in our life and ministry, it has also surprisingly been measured by a timeline as well.

  1. Our seasons seem to always shift at almost the exact same time of year.
    – We begin to feel something in the spirit and also start to receive indicators during that time that something is about to change. We never know or even try to presume what that change is, but it’s noticeable by both of us and confirmed by everything from circumstances to dreams and even conversations with individuals.
  2. Our seasons also seem to come every 3yrs.
    – That does not mean that we move completely out of where we are, into the next place, but it means that something significant changes.
    – Sometimes moves into a new ministry
    -Sometimes expands our current ministry
    -May include change of location (even if in the same city)
  3. Each season seems to be built upon the previous one.
    -As this should be the pattern for life, it many times will surprise us how one thing is connected to the other. Sometimes it takes half way through a season to recognize it.

What part of that timeline are we in today? We are half way through the 3rd year…

We have not been paying attention to the time at all until something begins to grab our attention. Maybe a new vision, a struggle, an open door or invitation. We see it, begin to pray and feel the weight of it and then look at the calendar. Lo and behold, it’s at that midway marker of the 3rd year.

So how does that translate into today?

As mentioned, we have newly added vision. That doesn’t necessarily identify what the season is at all. What it does do is cause us to pay closer attention. We move forward with plans and current ministries, digging that much deeper and praying that much more fervently and intentionally. But we don’t make any drastic changes or decisions based on it. We just keep moving forward and wait on God.

God always reveals His plans in due time! The last thing we want to do is the classic King Saul mistake of “conducting the sacrifice” on our own without Him and at the appointed time. We will joyfully and patiently wait on Him as we minister according to plan.


As mentioned, at this time we are looking to put a lot of time and attention into this cafe ministry and walk it out as missionaries until the right time. So we are asking that you help this ministry by helping us directly.

We want to give our time to this ministry without demanding a paycheck. We want to sow and build for future growth and the next generation. We want to be sure not to take away from our ability to sow into the other areas that are still of top priority where we are.

So we need your help!

While the obvious need would be financial, we want to give our partners an opportunity to sow directly into our actual needs. So I want to list those needs here so that you can either directly supply that need or give toward it.

  1. Food – roughly $500-600 per month.
  2. Gas – $400 per month.
  3. Vehicle Insurance – $60 per month
  4. Utilities – $350 per month

These are estimations as they fluctuate all the time, but again every little bit counts!

For financial support, please click here: 

or Write checks to The Light CV and address the envelope to:
The Light Church c/o Be The Church
335 Church Ave
Chula Vista, CA 91910

For all other gifts, send directly to:
345 Church Ave
Chula Vista, CA 91910

Thanks again so much for your support and partnering with us in this venture. If you have any questions or want to know more about what we are up to, feel free to contact us at



We do have some other areas that we are praying into presently about things that many people have spoken over us over the years and even very recently. I cannot fully go into it, but we want to be dilligent to the voice of God and the call on our lives by being vigilant and making our “yes” be loud and clear.

Please do pray with us as we investigate more deeply into what exactly He is saying about this. We really do need your covering for this.

THANKS AGAIN to all of you who’ve been prayerfully sowing into us in so many ways. You have all been so instrumental in our journey.

We love you all so dearly! Blessings.