Settling In

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Settling In

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IMG_5539IMG_5934As those of you who are following us know, we’ve landed here in Chula Vista, CA at the First Southern Baptist Church, while I’m on unpaid staff as the Music Director. They graciously offered us to live in the parsonage as a form of pay as well as paid for renovations! Wow, what a blessing!

This is actually the largest and now nicest home I think we’ve lived in as a family! Even coming from a smaller house, living on the road for 6wks out of suitcases and having tremendously downsized, we still find that it can be pretty painstaking to unpack in any decent amount of time. Well, we’re finally getting somewhat unpacked and settled in just in time for Katherine to start setting up the kids’ homeschooling section of the home, let alone prepare for the school year!

School Days

Our children are getting acclimated to the new environment and making some new friends as they get involved with some of the activities here. The two oldest are taking free guitar and martial arts lessons, while Jamin, our 4 yrd old, joins them at the kids club afterward every Wednesday night.

Sermon grab


In terms of the ministry I was hired for, we’ve so far successfully helped integrate some contemporary worship into the traditional service at the church, but the challenge for me is as Choir Director as we continue to do more traditional hymns and older choir-based music. When I say “challenge,” I mean an area of growth for me. As a worship leader of nearly 25yrs, I do bring a lot of experience and passion to contemporary music, but I have much to learn when it comes to sight reading, directing (as in hand-waving, etc) and even choosing music. I do although believe we’ve come upon a wonderful marriage of the two styles. We’ve been able to approach hymns from a fresh, authentic perspective and create an environment of heart-felt, Spirit-led worship all around. It has been refreshing and even fun at times as I see people respond in a way that they normally wouldn’t in a church service. That itself is very very rewarding!


In the very near future, we will be opening up our home for a Life Group where we’ll have the opportunity to help build community with young families, sewing into the growth of the church and the growth of young adults, marrieds, single parents and more. As Katherine and I sit and discuss what our hopes are for this group, vision grows, passion stirs and hope arises! We continue to sense that God is doing something very unique with this church, with us and even this community. We are very excited to see what all comes of this season!


Most of you also know that we’ve successfully launched The Worship Room in El Cajon at Foothills Church where people can come and just soak in God’s presence. While numbers are not the goal, so far it has had great turn outs along with very positive responses from visitors. We are very hopeful that this concept will grow and become a resource for people to experience God in an even deeper fashion through worship.

We’ve also heard of multiple churches beginning to do something very similar throughout the county! So exciting to see what He’s doing all around us!


We’ve had the opportunity to serve down here at 2 festivals and there are just so many more opportunities continuing to pop up. Please do pray for us that we continue the course He’s set before us as we sew into revival in San Diego!

Also, as we sew into this ministry as unpaid staff, we do need to continue working on the side with our current video business, but we’ve suddenly gone through a major breakdown in our ability to keep things running efficiently as we lost one computer and are forced to do all of the work from a single outdated laptop. Any time we’ve had “down time” from work, there is plenty opportunity for ministry to happen and we jump at the chance! But in order to sustain our normal monthly bills (food, phone, internet, fuel, insurance, etc) we NEED the business to survive, even if part time.

The nature of our business allows us to work 2-3 days a week and still provide for the needs we have along with sustain the ministries that we’re sewing into, but losing out on those 2-3 days for any amount of time can cause some issues. GOD IS GOOD and comes through every time, but unless He changes our plans to work part time and minister part time by providing some other means of necessary income, we need our business to stay afloat. Please add into your prayers that our needs for new equipment and/or financial provision be met.


Thank you all again so much for your continued partnership and prayer covering! We look forward to giving you another great report on what God is doing in the near future!

Blessings 🙂