Creating and Sustaining a Culture of “True Worshipers”

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Creating and Sustaining a Culture of “True Worshipers”

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A Worship Leader’s Perspective

As a worship leader of over 20yrs, I’ve experienced a lot and learned a few things in the process. One of those things that I’ve begun to understand is that my job is not to try and convince people to sing with me. In fact my job is not even to try and necessarily make them follow me either. My job is to love people.

It comes down to Paul’s writings in 1 Corinthians about our gifts being of absolutely no value if we do not love the people we’re ministering to. My job is to love people first and then to intercede on their behalf through a lifestyle of worship so that I can hear the voice of God every time I step out onto that platform.

I’ve noticed that if I’m really passionate about a song or list of songs, I can have a wonderful experience with the Lord on that stage, but a large percentage of the people will not be “following me,” let alone singing along, UNLESS I’m loving them through my worship.

If I’m loving those I’m supposed to be leading, I’m going to be considering their hearts, God’s heart for them, where they are in life and where God would like to take them. I’m choosing songs by the leading of the Holy Spirit and I’m authentically worshiping Him with them because He’s put them on my heart.


It’s About Community

When the leadership, including the worship leaders, of a church values its members and its sole purpose as a church is for the building up of the body by ministering to the individual, a culture of intimacy and honor is created. Real community happens and a common bond of intimacy with Christ is the result.

A community whose commonality is love for each other and love for Christ will see reciprocal returns. It continually feeds into itself because it’s never self focused. It is the literal manifestation of sowing and reaping in its purest sense.


Sustaining A Culture

The key to sustaining this culture is found in this concept. It’s the loving, serving and investing in others that keeps our eyes off ourselves  and in return assures that our own needs are met. It allows our hearts to be untainted and continually turned to Christ.

In this culture as they worship together, it is in essence “corporate intimacy” with God. It is unabashed love continually poured out by the bride of  Christ with no fear of man, no guards up, just continual worship, in spirit and truth.

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